Minerals International is an industry leader that has decades of experience providing de-icing products to customers in North America.  With our strategically located facilities along the I-95 corridor it allows us to provide you quick delivery when time is critical.  Our well established high quality brands like Frostbite, Commercial Green-Premium and Commercial Blue you are buying a name brand you can trust.  These products have been an well established in the industry for de-icing products for over a decade.

Minerals International is a major supplier of bagged and bulk salt, calcium (flakes & pellets), magnesium, straight CMA and ice melt blends with and without CMA.  We sell  our products through wholesalers, distributors and mass merchants.   With a wide variety of high quality products we are able to meet any budget. We pride ourselves having product all season long even. 

About Minerals International

Providing quality de-icing products that meet all your winter needs. 

  • Around the clock availability in-season for most items
  • Excellent trucking rates
  • Excellent customer service
  • ​EDI Capabilites